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Yekaterinburg, Russia


Ramenskoye, Russia


Orenburg, Russia


Vladivostok, Russia


St Petersburg, Russia


Nizhnevartovsk, Russia


Moscow, Russia

ZET Maximum Ltd

Kotovo, Russia

PJSC MegaFon

Staritsa, Russia

Annet Ltd

Frankfurt, Germany


Saarland, Germany

Probe Networks

Regensburg, Germany


Oberhausen, Germany

Deutsche Telekom AG

Oberhausen, Germany

Verizon Deutschland GmbH

Leipzig, Germany

Universitaet Leipzig

Potsdam, Germany

e.discom Telekommunikation GmbH

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tele Danmark

Byfleet, United Kingdom

4D Data Centres Ltd

Manchester, United Kingdom

Ancar B Technologies Ltd

Manchester, United Kingdom

Ancar B Technologies Ltd

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Freedom Registry BV

Weert, Netherlands

Pyton Communication Services B.V.

Roosendaal, Netherlands

NForce Entertainment B.V.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Diemen, Netherlands

Tele2 Nederland B.V.

Zwolle, Netherlands


Zizers, Switzerland

Oskar Emmenegger

Madrid, Spain

Prioritytelecom Spain S.A.

Almansa, Spain

TV Almansa S.L.

Almeria, Spain

Vodafone Ono S.A.

Zaragoza, Spain

Diputacion Provincial de Zaragoza

Paris, France

Association Gitoyen

Lille, France

Completel SAS

Roubaix, France


Paris, France

Association Gitoyen

Innsbruck, Austria

Ireland, Ireland

Daniel Cid

Viana do Castelo, Portugal


Note: Complete DNS Resolution may take up to 48 hours.


Optimize your online presence in Europe with our dedicated DNS propagation checker. Designed for Europe's diverse internet landscape, our tool provides immediate analysis of DNS updates, ensuring complete propagation of your domain's A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, and NS records across the continent. Query DNS records against a worldwide selection of DNS servers, ensuring your DNS records, including A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, and more, are fully propagated. Utilize our tool to secure and accurately resolve your domain name, enhancing your online presence.



Real-time DNS Resolution Check: Why Monitor Global DNS Propagation? is a free, ad-free, high-performance DNS resolution propagation detection tool. It can quickly check DNS propagation for any domain name. Our DNS propagation testing tool has a complete list of more than 100 global DNS servers, including some exclusive niche DNS servers.

We aim to collect, analyze, and visually display all DNS resolution propagation results on a map. You can intuitively see whether your DNS changes have propagated among different DNS servers in different regions worldwide, helping you effectively monitor and manage your DNS records.

How to use's online tool for a free DNS propagation test?

  1. Enter the Domain or Hostname

First, provide the website domain name you wish to check for DNS resolution propagation.

  1. Select DNS Record Type

Choose the DNS record type you want to check for propagation status.

The record types include:

  • A Record: The most basic type of record, also known as an address record, provides an IPv4 address for a domain or subdomain. This record points a domain name to an IP address.
  • AAAA Record: Maps a hostname to a 128-bit IPv6 address. For a long time, 32-bit IPv4 addresses have been used to identify computers on the internet. However, due to the shortage of IPv4, IPv6 was created. The four 'A's (AAAA) are a mnemonic, indicating that IPv6 is four times larger than IPv4.
  • CNAME Record: Also known as the canonical name record, it creates an alias for a domain name. Alias domains or subdomains get all the DNS records of the original domain, typically used to associate subdomains with an existing main domain.
  • MX Record: Also known as the mail exchange record, it informs which mail exchange servers are responsible for routing emails to the correct destination or mail server.
  • NS Record: Also known as the name server record, points to the name server that has the authority to manage and publish DNS records for the domain. These DNS servers are authoritative in handling any queries related to that domain.
  • PTR Record: Also known as the pointer record, points an IPv4 or IPv6 address to the hostname of its computer. It provides reverse DNS records or rDNS records by pointing an IP address to the server's hostname.
  • SRV Record: Also known as the service record, indicates specific services and port numbers running in a domain. Internet protocols such as Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) often require SRV records.
  • SOA Record: Also known as the Start of Authority record, provides basic information about the domain, such as identifying the primary node of the authoritative name server for the domain, the domain administrator's email, the serial number of the DNS zone, etc.
  • TXT Record: Allows website administrators to insert arbitrary text in the DNS record.
  • CAA Record: Also known as the Certificate Authority Authorization record, reflects public policies about issuing digital certificates for the domain. If your domain doesn't have a CAA record, any certificate authority can issue an SSL certificate. However, with this record, you can restrict which CA is authorized to issue digital credentials for your domain.
  • DS Record: Also known as the Delegation Signer record, consists of a unique character of a public key and its associated metadata such as the key tag, algorithm, digest type, and an encrypted hash value known as a digest.
  • DNSKEY Record: Also known as the DNS Key record, contains public signing keys, like the Zone Signing Key (ZSK) and the Key Signing Key (KSK). DS and DNSKEY records validate the authenticity of DNS records returned by DNS servers.

Once set up, click the button on the right to run our DNS propagation check tool. It takes some time to display the results, and we will show the propagation status of each server location separately.

  • ✔️ Indicates DNS record has propagated.
  • ❌ Indicates DNS record has not yet propagated.

The green checkmark indicates that the requested DNS record is available in that DNS server, while the red cross indicates it is unavailable. If available, the specific resolution results can be seen next to it.

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